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Marvel Science Stories “The Ones” Poster - 11x16.5



Size: 11×16.5

Marvel Science Stories was a U.S. pulp magazine which published a total of fifteen issues in two separate runs, both edited by Robert O. Erisman. The publisher for the first run was Postal Publications, and the second run was published by Western Publishing; both companies were owned by Abraham and Martin Goodman. The first issue was dated August 1938, and carried stories with more sexual content than was usual for the genre, including several stories by Henry Kuttner, under his own name and also under pseudonyms. Reader reaction was generally negative, with one reader referring to Kuttner’s story “The Time Trap” as “trash”. The magazine was cancelled after the April 1941 issue, but when a boom in science fiction magazines began in 1950, the publishers revived it. The first issue of the new series was dated November 1950; a further six issues appeared, with the last issue dated May 1952. In addition to Kuttner, contributors to the first run included Arthur J. Burks and Jack Williamson; the second run published stories by Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Jack Vance and L. Sprague de Camp, among others. The quality of the second incarnation of the magazine was better than the first, but it was unable to compete with the new, higher-quality magazines that had appeared since the magazine’s first series.

Each poster is printed on high quality acid free archive quality paper, that ensures your prints will look good years to come. 

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 43.18 × 27.94 cm


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