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Pictorial Photography in America 1922 #2 - Set of 10



Some five years ago a small group of photographers in New York City and vicinity formed a nucleus for the institution of a society. Its name was ambitious—The Pictorial Photographers of America; its aims and objects sounded visionary, almost fantastic. Already many times printed, they bear repetition and have been incorporated in a separate page in this book. In one sense these aims were visionary, because they were thought out and formulated by men of vision, who now stand justified: in hardly one of these directions have we failed to make important advance and in many we have pushed far. But we do not rest upon what we have done; in none of these pursuits can we pause and say “It is accomplished”; much remains to be achieved in every line; new activities constantly present themselves; and the maintenance of each of our undertakings implies continuance of effort nearly as strenuous as that of its initiative.


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